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Dye sublimation transfer paper
Wing Wing's papers are not your typical digital transfer paper.
These sublimation papers were developed from the ground up.
It is unique in that it is produced and coated as one function.
The chemistry of the base sheet and the coating were developed jointly as they perform separate yet related function.

Wing Wing's unique coating forms a vertical grid, creating inkwells within the coating which promote vertical out-gasing from the print face, resulting in the richest color application and quick dry time. The one function coating renders high-image colors and maintains truest tone, print to print & batch to batch. It(sticky version) is also designed to adhere to the fabric during the heat-transfer process ,eliminating ghosting issues caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage, and allow the paper to be stacked or used right after printing.

1. Important
Wing Wing is not a big brand, but a big brand in quality & specializing.
If you have not yet used Wing Wing's sublimation paper, now is the time to request your
free sample of our products, and realize why so many are switching to Wing Wing.

2. Technical data
WingWing paper is designed to keep ink on the surface result in highest Color trasfers.
It can be trasferred onto a wide variety of sublimation surfaces to accommodate several applications for both soft and hard substances.
To reach best print and transfer results we recommend to refer to Color Management with specific ICC profiling. Before using, please unpack the roll and let the paper acclimatize in the printing room for 24hours.

- Minimize wet cockling and drying time
The new version is designed to resist cockling during inkjet printing,dry quickly to the touch and rewind without wet-transfer. You will be able to print and transfer even deep colors with fast drying time.
24hour-printing is available unless otherwise stopped.

- No printing errors & excellent productivity
The unique bulky basepaper has excellent performance of holding inks, which will exclude curling and folding in print process. It means the best productivity without print error.

- Best color performance by 95% transfer ratio
Usually in case of sticky version, the transfer ratio tends to drop down. But WingWing's advanced paper carrys both 95% transfer ratio and unique sticky feature as well as no crack, vivid color and line sharpness.You should understand it allows you to save the ink to maximum.

- Attention
You may get better color performance in a little higher pressure, temperature and time. As the adhesive degree is varied by some factors, you may adjust press time,temperature and speed.


Caliper :  0.09mm,   0.12mm,    0.14mm,    0.15mm,     0.18mm
GSM :  66g/m2,    90g/m2,     105g/m2,   110g/m2,    140g/m2
Porosity :  160ml/min, 25ml/min, 160ml/min, 160ml/min, 160ml/min
Recommended Max Ink Load :  270%,      290%,        320%,        330%,         390%
Recommended Printing Environment :  70˚F /21˚C (30-70% RH)
Chemistry :  Water based


※ WingWing Full sticky 90gsm/105gsm :
It is the best development for anti-ghosting sublimation paper. As a Sticky Version with Tack, this specialty paper will adhere to the fabric during transfer, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to textile shrinkage or movements in the transfer process,and therefore,it will help you reduce production errors and increase the quality of end products.
Manufacturers using flat-bed presses will also benefit from the TACK as it eliminates issues such as "floating" when the heat press is opened.

- No more defective substrates.(no cloudy patterns & no blurred images)
- Eliminate"ghosting issues" caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage.
- Reduce waste to an absolute minimum.
- Fast drying time as good as it get.
- Ideal for sportswear, garment,banner and flag manufacturers.

※ WingWing Hybrid Quick 66gsm :Economy-Type
It is designed to save time and cost by increasing process efficiency. Transfer time and temperatures can be reduced significantly and still achieve the same vibrant colours. This digital light-weight paper combines cost-optimum with all advantages of wingwing hybrid version.

- Specially-designed base paper with high density.
- Excellent drying time, even at 280% ink limit.
- Unsurpassed transfer yields with no back gassing.
- Enhance productivity and save each cost to maximum.
- Can see & adjust fabric position through the printed paper.
- Very suitable for Reggiani/MS printers.

※ WingWing Hybrid 90gsm/105gsm:
It is designed to be an all-around sublimation paper. Its main features are easy handing and excellent performance by meeting all demands on sublimation transfer printing.
All conventional sub paper has a chemical coating on the paper surface.But WingWing Hybrid version has no coating film on the face,and its sub chemicals have been penetrated into paper inside. It enables "ink & design" to be easily and quickly absorbed inside the paper because there are no coating blocks on paper surface. Thanks to no face coating,it can print profile images very fast and very precisely, and can acheive perfect printing with no curling & no folding.
This is the most advanced technology in producing sublimation transfer paper.

- Exceptional perfect transfer results.
   no more loss of transferred substrates.
   no cloudy patterns and no blurred images.
- Exceptional color performance and line sharpness.
- Consistent and stable runnability and properties.
- Fast drying time even in high humidity & poor conditions.
- Multipurpose hybrid paper for desktop, soft & hard substances.

※ WingWing Hybrid 140gsm:
It is designed for high coverage applications.You will be able to print and transfer very deep colors with a maximum transfer yield. With WingWing 140gsm, your image may be on the substrate-not the paper.It must be high-grade transfer paper for heavy ink loads.

- Combine most advantages of 105gsm hybrid.
- Excellent stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads.
- Fast drying time and superb printing performance.
- Consistent performance from printing to thermal press.
- Multipurpose hybrid for desktop, soft and hard substrates.

※ WingWing Hi-Quick 110gsm/66gsm (Instant drying time):
It is intended to meet "special purpose of dye sublimation paper" that delivers excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, exceptional resistance to smudging and offsetting,high color transfer efficiency. It makes "the remarkable differences" in 3 seconds'drying time, efficiency and productivity. The unique Hi-quick paper helps you to save costs, quarantees and shortens production times, and allows you to achieve the stipulated print qualities with the best productivity.
We dare to say that it is the best of the best sublimation papers across the world.

- Instant drying time in 3 seconds.
- Elevate productivity by two or three times.
- Excellent dimensional stability at hi-speed and heavy ink loads.
- Multipurpose hybrid type for desktop, soft and hard substrates.
- Compatible with Ricoh's GELJET printers,new Epson desktop,new Mimaki printers etc.
- Suitable for all large format inkjet printers to require a very hi-speed drying time.

※ WingWing 30gsm protection paper:
It is the best paper to protect"calendar transfer belt" against ink polution.
WingWing high tensile tissue is designed to fit your production needs.

- Low porosity of the paper renders no blowthrough of inks on the conveyor belt.
- Formaldehyde-free formula prevents yellowing of white fabrics from outgassing of
  sublimation inks.
- WingWing high-yield protective paper, converted on computer-controlled system, delivers
  wrinkle-free rolls.

- Specification and supplying
  Standard weight :30gsm tissue
  Standard supplying    :630mm,1000mm,1320mm,1640mm * 500m roll
                                     1820mm,1900mm * 400m roll
  Jumbo reel supplying : Each width *20,200meter Jumbo reel
  Customization available in width and roll length.


※ Printing :
Unpack the wrapping vinyl one day prior to printing in the printing room to acclimatize. Image side could be wounded by the outside of the roll. So, make adequate size of image for the paper width. The printed paper should be sufficiently dry before the transfer. Wing Wing's paper has excellent performance of holding inks even at the high speed printing mode.

※ Printer and Ink Compatibility:
Wing Wing's paper has been tested and work successfully on the most famous brands of inkjet printing systems equipped with dye sublimation inks. All Pieze Electric Drop on Demand printers like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers have provided really excellent results with our Wing Wing paper .

※ Printer Setting:
Recommend a Heavy Coated Paper print mode for all printer brands and models. Do not oversaturate the paper.Use ICC Profiles to optimize your particular printer/ink/RIP setup

※ Press setting:
Recommend a little more pressure and temperature in 90gsm sticky pressing. Pressing time and temperature shall be differently applied in accordance with the substances.It is also important to check the quality of heat transfer press machine.

※ Material Storage:
Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very week against moisture. To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86˚F / 15-30˚C and 30-50% RH.


  • Hybrid 66gsm/105gsm/140gsm and Hi-Quick 110gsm may be used for both soft substances like poly fabrics, mousepads and hard substances like mugs and tiles, plastics,coated metals and woods, etc. (Remarks: All hard substances should be coated by polymer for sublimation transfer.)


  • Can be used with all kinds of wide format printers equipped with dye sublimation ink.
  • Over 95% ink release under the optimal temperature, pressure and pressing times.
  • Print a wide gamut of vibrant colors.
  • Available maximum ink load is up to 280% ~ 390%.


  • Width and length in standard supplying
      8.5" (210mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      17" (420mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      24" (610mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      36" (914mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      44" (1118mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      50" (1280mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      52" (1320mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      54" (1370mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      60" (1574mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      63" (1600mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      64" (1620mm) x 100m or 120m roll
      A3 or A4 size or letter size (216*279mm) 110pc pack
      Ledger size(279*432mm, 330*483mm, 432*559mm) 110pc pack
  • Length by feet is available if required
  • Core size : 2 inch or 3 inch diameter
  • Can provide in jumbo rolls as well
       (1640mm,1390mm,935mm *4,000meter reel)
  • 140gsm to be rolled by 80meter


    Wing Wing paper has been tested and work successfully on the most famous brands of inkjet printing systems equipped with dye sublimation inks. All Pieze Electric Drop on Demand printers like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers have provided really excellent results with our wing wing paper.
    It is always recommended that the compatibility of the paper with a specific printer and heat press equipment be determined before proceeding with the main and large printing job.

    ※ For more information and recommendation about the paper and printing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ※ Presented information in these pages is intended to offer a useful reference in selecting media for your output. Thus, no media warranties are implied unless specifically mentioned. Printer, media and/or ink changes may give you some different printing results. If the case of changing printer, media and/or inks, then, we recommend you to adjust your profile value.

    3. Main Markets
      - The Sewn Products Industry
      - Dye-Sublimation Printing
      - Wide-Format Inkjet Printing

    4. Applications
  • Apparel (Lycra,Polyamide,Polyester)
        IceHockey, T-Shirts etc
  • Best
  • Advertisement (Polyester),
        Flags,Banners, Felts, Towels,
        Umbrella, Home Textiles
  • Good
  • Hard Substrates
        Polyester Coated (mugs,plastics,
        metals,tiles,dishes,glass,pad etc)
  • N/A
  • Hard Substrates
        Polyamids (skis, snowboards)
  • N/A