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Unlike conventional paper bags, WingWing luxury shopping bag will be used much more than just once to carry the purchased goods around.
It will extend your brand with gorgeous retail shopping bags that carry your premium message wherever your customer roams.
Superior visual bag must be the best tool to advertize and enhance your brand image.

The "designed carrier bag" is indeed a part of the whole package of sales merchandise these days.
To women, it can be an excellent sidekick to a handbag or even become a replacement handbag for the time being
It can be a fashionable addition to a whole ensemble of clothing.

■ Designs & materials
There are 331 stocked designs to choose from.
Have only to decide O₂/Siduce 250g paperboard design.
It is made of PU-coated 250gsm luxury cardboard.

■ Unique features
Superior visual looks with prolonged durability.
Elegant tactile appeal, volume, embossing and texture.
No stain, no scratch, moisture resistant.

■ Marketing perspective
The most cost-effective way of mass marketing.
With its supreme visual looks and unmatched durability, the premium carrier bag will become the exhibition piece to present unique and long lasting image of your brand.
Prolonged publicity and ongoing advertisement effects resulting from longer retention of the "designed shopping bag" and its use.
Perfectly suited for VIP gifts and sales promotion.

■ Product specification
Basically we provide 250gsm PU-coated cardboard for luxury shopping bags.
And if our valuable customers want a complete shopping bag, we will be able to meet their specifications with the best price.
Its printing is available in UV printing, silk screen, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, graduation image etc.