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  WingWing products can be classified as 4 kinds.
- Luxury packaging materials, Sublimation transfer paper, Interior/exterior MgO/PPP wallboard and OEM swatch book.
Each carries unique characteristics according to application and marketing.
■ Application

1. O2 / Siduce models
O₂/Siduce 150gsm models are for turned-edge application, and 250gsm/350gsm folding board for machine-crafted luxury carton boxes and carrier bags.
- Luxury premium packaging, Shopping bag
- Interior, Hospitality, Stationery, Catalog
- High-end cosmetic and beauty care box.
- Premium food and beverage, health care.
- Valuable electrical & electronic carton.
- Gift / Name / Invitation cards, hard-cover brochure.
- Hi-decorative wallcoverings.
- As customers’ needs for premium goods.
2. Texpaper fabric cloth
- All kinds of book covers for durable purposes.
- Passport, dictionary, album or as customer’s needs
3. Premium shopping bag
Unlike conventional paper bags, WingWing luxury shopping bag will be used much more than just once to carry the purchased goods around.
It will extend your brand with gorgeous retail shopping bags that carry your premium message wherever your customer roams.
Superior visual bag must be the best tool to advertize and enhance your brand image.

The "designed carrier bag" is indeed a part of the whole package of sales merchandise these days.
To women, it can be an excellent sidekick to a handbag for the time being.
It can be a fashionable addition to a whole ensemble of clothing.

■ Designs & materials
There are 331 stocked designs to choose from.
Have only to decide O₂/Siduce 250g paperboard design.
It is made of PU-coated 250gsm luxury cardboard.

■ Unique features
Superior visual looks with prolonged durability.
Elegant tactile appeal, volume, embossing and texture.
No stain, no scratch, moisture resistant.

■ Marketing perspective
The most cost-effective way of mass marketing.
Prolonged publicity and ongoing advertisement effects resulting from longer retention of the "designed shopping bag" and its use.
Perfectly suited for VIP gifts and sales promotion.


4. Digital sublimation transfer paper
Click “sublimation paper” on our website.

5. OEM swatch book
For more information, directly contact us.

■ Marketing

It is a necessary and important factor of your product value evaluation like oxygen ( O₂) that all the creatures must have.

Infusing graphic and interface design, WingWing brings a new level of intimacy and emotion to the design world.
We offer valuable solutions in modern and classic lines in color, textures, finish, to provide designers one of the largest selections in the market.
Uniquely designed across the world, WingWing products will give you much benefits and exclusive marketing.
And the unique design may protect your brand from duplicates or imitations.

First impressions only happen once!
From unexpected to unboxing, premium packaging captures it.
Ensure your goods are packaged with the character your brand desires and the quality your customers deserve.

We guarantee all products are made of eco-friendly materials.
(KEMTI Certified) (SGS Certified) (REACH Certified )