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■ Technical data per product
■ O2 / Siduce for luxury packaging

1.As a result of our continued effort in R & D to produce the most gorgeous packaging materials, we have developed the world's first revolutionary "One-Way Twin-Direct" technology.
This patented technology integrates raw materials into the paper bonding process,whereby creating superior benchmark quality covermaterials with visual and textural authenticity.

2. The visual and textural likenesses of genuine leather were recreated with such benchmark quality on this specially coated material. With added twists using unique embossing and colors,such as Siduce Pearl model, your finished products will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

3. Printing Conditions :UV printing, silk screen, foil stamping, embossing and debossing.

■ Texpaper Fabric
1. Texpaper fabric is an environmentally sound model, and it is produced by applying 100 % cotton with reinterpreted water-based pigment designs onto the cover material using the "Twin-Direct" technology.

2. Thanks to all water-based pigments, which is the key in absorbing the ink, Taxpaper fabric can accept and handle better printing conditions such as UV and offset printing. And the pre-dyed fabric boasts long-lasting color that does not bleed under normal conditions.

3. Printing Conditions : UV printing, computer embroidery, silk screen, foil stamping, offset printing, embossing and debossing.