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  We are a leading manufacturer and converter of Luxury packaging materials, Sublimation transfer paper, interior/exterior wallboard, OEM swatch book.
WingWing products can provide value-added solutions to our customer's needs.
We innovate not for ourselves, but to help optimizing your creativity.
■ WingWing Business lines
- Premium packaging materials : O2 / Siduce models
The cover and wrapping design are the first tools to attract attention from customers.
The 150gsm distinctive luxury papers, created by twin-direct PU coating patent technology, will expand application fields infinitely that cannot be expressed by ordinary paper materials.

- Luxury packaging folding cardboard
It basically carries same designs, features and textures as O2 /Siduce model except heavier 250gsm/350gsm weight.
It is designed to meet rapidly-growing luxury folding carton market.
The machine-crafted paperboards must be very suitable for high-end cosmetic & beauty care, healthcare, food & beverage, electrical & electronic, brochure, gift cards, decorative wallcovering, premium customer goods etc.

- Valuable shopping bag
Unlike the conventinal bags, the luxury carrier bag will be the best tool to advertize and enhance your brand image.
To women, it can be an excellent sidekick to a handbag or even become a replacement handbag for the time being.
For details, click "luxury shopping bag" on our website.

- Dye sublimation transfer paper
Dye sublimation is mainly used in industries like fashion, home textiles such as bed linen or curtains, various sportswears such as jersey shirts, swimming wear and hard substrates such as ski, tile, glass etc.
For more details, click "Sublimation paper" on our website.

- MgO/PPP luxury wallboard
It performs unique and premium looks like marble.
Very suitable for hi-decorative wallcovering, partition, luxurious finishing solutions.
They are also very useful for remodeling market.
Because they can be eaisly attached as it is on plaster, gypsum, plywood, tiles etc.
For details, click "MgO/PPP wallboard" on our website.

- O.E.M Swatch book
We now provide OEM swatch books to global companies such as LG, Hanwha, Hyosung, KCC etc.
We are proud of over 40% market share in local swatch book market.
If you are interested in this business, please send an e-mail to : wingwingpaper@hotmail.com