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  Established in 1969, we are a leading manufacturer of a variety of luxry packaging papers,fabrics and OEM swatch books in korea.
With our 50 years experience in coating technology, WingWing has designed
"premium covermaterials, luxury packaging board, quality cloth and digital sublimation transfer paper etc."
The value of the product depends on design.
The cover and wrapping design are the first tools to attract attention from customers. It is a necessary and important factor of your product value evaluation just like oxygen (02), that all the creatures must have.
WingWing stands out for its positioning in top-value added market thanks to its superior and constant quality of the product. Dedicated to innovation and focused on value, we are now one company that can do so much more to you. We are not a big company, but a big one in trust and advanced technology.
"To become the first runner in our products"
For this, the sweat and passion of WingWing technicians for 50 years could develop "The product that clients themselves cannot resist to admit, and the product that clients themselves do not hesitate to recommand" as the first time in the world.