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■ Unique MgO / PPP wallboard

Magnesium Oxide Board is eco-friendly panel which delivers “ fireproof, water resistant, shock resistant, no crack, rot-free, mold resistant, anti-bacterial, noncombustible, hi-strength, light weight,tasteless, non-toxic, ice-free, etc.”

With above amazing features, these panels are widely used in wallboard, ceiling, partition, various finishing solutions and non-flammable public buildings etc.

Taking advantage of our coating technology during past 50 years, we have developed “interior/exterior premium wallpanel and luxury wallcovering paperboard.”
All of them are designed to meet the needs for decorative wallcoverings, which can not be expressed by tiles, gypsum, plywood, plaster, PVC wallpaper etc.
If you can see and check out our valuable products, you will be deeply impressed with their unique and supreme quality.

Why should you choose our product?
The answer is simple because no one can produce this kind of quality wallboard and luxury wallpaper.
We are a professional company to lead indoor/outdoor wallcovering market.

- Interior/exterior MgO/PPP wallboard
   It performs unique and luxurious looks like marble.
- 150gsm/250gsm premium wallpaper
   O₂/Siduce 330 designs, eco-friendly with PU-coating.
   For more details, see O₂/Siduce models in our w/site.

■ Outstanding Features of MgO/PPP board

- Unique turned-edge pasting technology
    It is most important technology which other manufacturers can not do.
    Thanks to it, our boards shall be never bent or twisted when the time goes by.
    It also enable customers to install the board without joint-molding.
    You should realize the importance of turned-edge finish, firstly developed in the world.

- Clip-molding grooves inside board
    It is essential to luxury looks, interior/exterior usage, right and easy installation etc.
    It visualizes all arranged boards more neatly,elegantly and luxuriously.
    You have to know no one can hollow out a groove inside the board.

- Unique humidity control and curing know-how
    Using A grade panel, we perform humidity control and curing across the board.
    It guarantees long-lasting durability(almost forever) without deforming the board.
   (Most of manufacturers use B or C grade panel to save cost.)

- Unique coating technology
   It must be incomparable advantage which other manufacturers can not do.
   It is firstly intended to prevent "crack issue" around the cut board.

   We do make specially-designed 3 layer flexible coating on board face.
   Thanks to unique flexible coating, crack issue never happens even on the cut edge.
   And it achieves "excellent coating durability" just like the coating of car.
   (Others do only 2 layer hard coating which can be easily cracked with no durability)

- Easy and convenient installation
   Using urethane silicon and joint/corner/finish molding, you have only to attach the board directly
   on the wall or substrates.
   Even biginners may install our products to the substrate by themselves.
   Easy and low-cost installation must be another factor why you should consider.

   It's been developed to keep safety and health form various kind of bacteria, viruses, germs etc.
   A specially-treated copper-powder pet film on the board can kill viruses and other germs by
   disrupting the protective layers of the organisms and interfering with its vital processes.
   A new study found that SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for the corona virus pandemic, is no
   no longer infectious on our wallboard within 4 hours, whereas it can survive on plastic surfaces for
   72 hours. (refer to KCL test report.)

   It is designed to meet the needs for do-it-yourself.
   Anyone can easily make beautiful spaces with Wing Wing's luxury board.
   The very-light PPP board allows easy installation without any professional tools.
   You can easily attach the board on even substrates by using tube-type silicon and double-side tape.
   For more details, be sure to refer to the specification sheet in a box.

   The standard spec shall be as below.
   * 6T, 590mm * 600mm 8pc in a box (about 10kg)
   * 6T, 590mm * 800mm 6pc in a box (about 10kg)
   * 6T, 590mm * 1,200mm 4pc in a box (about 10kg)

- Guaranteed by many certificates and patents

                                                                                     (Anti-Bacteria Certificate)

- General Installation

   Using urethane silicon and joint /corner/finish molding, you can make easy and convenient
   If you try to install normal-type MgO board without a joint mold, it may be difficult to meet identical
   gap(zero zone), height and bottom lines between jointed boards.

   So, many ordinary installers prefer clip-type PPP / clip-type MgO, and experts prefer
   normal-type MgO.
   Because in clip-type case, it is easy to make the same line of both side more accurately.

   The smooth and clean surface is to face outwards.
   Cutting can be done using any machine, but if possible, use a circular saw.
   For your reference, PPP boards may be cut by a normal knife.
   When removing some debris on the board surface, clean it with wet rag, soap, shampoo etc.

    ㅇ Clip-type installation
    Firstly using urethane-type silicon, directly attach it on the substrate.
    Secondly after filling up transparent silicon inside both clip-molding grooves, insert the connection     molding one from side to side into the board.

    Drawing1: Using silicon gun, shoot urethane-type silicon on the substrate or back side of the board.
                    And then attach the board on the substrate by reinforcing.
    Drawing2: Fill up transparent silicon left inside of clip-molding.
    Drawing3: Insert the connection clip-molding into the board groove.

    Drawing4: Fill up transparent silicon right inside of clip-molding.
    Drawing5: Insert the board into the clip-molding groove.
    Drawing6: Duly finished.

    ㅇ Normal-type installation
    Using silicon gun, shoot urethane-type silicon on the substrate or back side of the board.
    And then attach the board on the substrate by reinforcing.
    Pay attention to let the height/bottom line be same in both-side board.
    Very easy installation.(Joint not required)

- Application
ㅇ Interior MgO wallboard
   Unique features patented and developed firstly in the world.
   Suitable for indoor wallcoverings (on concrete wall, tile, plaster, gypsum, plywood, etc.)
                    Partition, corridors, interior cladding, kitchen wall, etc.

ㅇ Interior / Exterior PPP board
   Uniquely designed for light-weight usage and perfect water resistant (100% water proof).
   Suitable for luxurious bath and shower room, extenal elevation cladding, decorative housing    facade etc. or as customer's needs for premium design.

ㅇ Remodeling market
   Our products are absolutely useful for remodeling market.

- Model details
   There are 35 glossy and non-glossy hues with various patterns.
   Exclusive design and color available as requested.
   Refer to "original sample chip board" w/ 35 designs or below color pattern designs.

- Technical data
   ㅇ Board materials: Magnesium Oxide, Wood chip etc. in MgO.
                                Eco-friendly PVC, Caco3 etc. in PPP.
   .ㅇ Standard spec: 6mm thick, 590mm width X 2,400mm length.
                                (9mm ~ 22mm thickness also acceptable in hi-volume order)
   ㅇ Weight : MgO board all kinds 9kg, PPP board 3.7kg in standard spec.

   ㅇ Board design : 35 basic hues with various patterns
   ㅇ Density : 0.60g/cm2 with H surface hardness.
   ㅇ Moisture content : 5% average
   ㅇ Tensile strength : 4.80 N/㎟, Compress strength: 11.50 N/㎟
   ㅇ Bending strength : 16.90 N/㎟ (KSL5114:2008)
   ㅇ Thermal conductivity : 0.17 W/m.K (KSL9016:2010)
   ㅇ Absorption rate : 25% (KSL5114:2008)
   ㅇ Volume density : 0.9 (KSL5114:2008)
   ㅇ Moisture-induced length change : 0.14% (KSL5114:2008)
   ㅇ Non-flammable : Class A1 grade

For your reference, WingWing supplies PET film and PU paper-film with an affiliated,manufacturer Hansung Board. (H/S local site   www.ihansung.com)
Taking advantages of our comprehensive network and credit, we are in charge of overseas marketing as a joint-venture company.
You can see a lot of actual construction cases by clicking

- Color pattern designs

■ WingWing luxury wallcovering paper
   It is eco-friendly product and proud of unique design.
   There are 330 luxury designs in our O2/Siduce models.
   For further information, refer to O2/Siduce application details on our w/site.

   - 150gsm premium wallpaper - roll type
   - 250gsm/350gsm wallcovering paperboard - sheet type